Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Macworld mention!

Today, Macworld had a short review of 4 radio streaming apps:

Our Radio Paradise app was among the 4 apps reviewed and received a 4.5 mouse rating!

One point of clarification - the reviewer said the app automatically changes the stream based on bandwidth, however that is not completely accurate. The app will drop down from a 128K stream to a 64K stream when it detects the connection changed from WiFi to cellular, but it will not downgrade the connection further to the 24K stream. Currently, Apple does not provide a way for 3rd-party apps to detect the cellular connection quality (or even if it is 3G vs. Edge).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Artificial Life released

Stormy Productions' latest app is now available for purchase in the iTunes App Store. You can buy it here for only 99 cents (or whatever your country's equivalent app store price is).

Artificial Life is a simulation of the evolution of microorganisms. You can read the full details about the app here:

Friday, March 6, 2009

40 Apps and counting!

A new milestone!

I'm happy to announce Stormy Productions is now responsible for 40 iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store. While the majority of these apps have been published under the Stormy Productions name, about a dozen can be found published under a few other company names in the iTunes Store. Probably the most well known of the company names would be Public Radio International (PRI).

38 of the 40 apps are radio streaming apps. It seems to be a niche that needed to be filled. It was never anticipated that a weekend project done for free for a local public radio station would grow into such a successful piece of my business.

While more radio apps will definitely be published, expect to see more game and entertainment-based apps from Stormy Productions in the near future. This business is just getting started!